Alva spring mattress

80×200 | 90×200 cm

Memory foam spring mattress which has 7-zone pocket spring.

Mattress has removable and washable cover, with wash at 60 degrees. In the mattress, there is 55 kg/m3 memory-foam and 35 kg/m3 foam.

The memory-foam makes it unnecessary for the mattress to be used with additional top mattress.

Alva spring mattress is great for our Seniori and Joki beds.


High-quality products of Alva series are durable, easy to handle and practical.

Each product of Alva series has a removable and washable cover.

Alva series’ products are suitable for many types of beds.

We believe that you will have a better sleep with Alva products.

Distribution in Finland
Export distribution
Product details

Mattress size

1. 80 x 200 cm

2. 90 x 200 cm


14 cm

Properties of the cushion

removable and washable cover

Foam rate

HR55 and HR35

Washing instructionswashing 60 Celsius degree
Fire classificationSL2
Compatibilitysuitable for all beds


Deliverypacked straight

Amount of packages

1 pcs

Product weight / package weight

1. 18 kg

2. 20 kg

Available accessories and equipment

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