Joki tuoli käsinojilla koivu
Joki tuoli käsinojilla valkoinen
Joki tuolit käsinojilla pinossa
Joki tuolit käsinojilla
Joki chair with armrests

89x55x47 cm

Stable Joki chair with armrests has a higher seat height compared to normal and can be easily arranged in a stack for smaller space when needed. The chair is a great choice for older people as a table chair or next to the bed.


Joki series is a long-lasting and safe choice for your home.

Massive wood construction with ecologically created finishing touches ensure that it is suitable for each of us.

Products of Joki series make your everyday life safer and easier.

Distribution in Finland
Export distribution
Product details
External dimensions (h x w x d)89 x 55 x 43 cm
Seat height49 cm
Free space below39 cm
Armrest height71 cm
Frame / seat materialsolid birch / solid birch

Standard colors

lacquered birch, stained beech, nut-brown and painted white

Packagingcardboard packaging
Number of packages1 pcs
Product weight / package weight7 / 8 kg
Available accessories and equipment
Other versionsJoki-chair: Joki-chair with long armrests and castors