Koli sänky valkoinen
Koli sänky pähkinä
Koli bed

120×200 | 160×200

Koli bed was created in the honor of Finnish national landscape as a timelessly beautiful bed.

The clear style of Finnish design is evidently highlighted in Koli bed. The bed is naturally manufactured entirely from birch.

Distribution in Finland
Export distribution
Product details
Mattress size1. 120 x 200 cm

2. 160 x 200 cm

External dimensions (h x w x d)1. 90 x 205 x 127 cm

2. 90 x 205 x 167 cm

Height of the side board36 cm
Depth of mattress space10 cm
Seat height with mattress (16 cm)42 cm
Free space below20 cm
Frame materialsolid birch
Bottomdelivered with slatted bed base, available with plywood base and motor bed frame

Standard colors

stained nut-brown and painted white

Packagingcardboard packaging
Deliveryin pieces
Number of packages / content1. 3 pcs / headboards, bed sides, slatted bed base

2. 4 pcs / headboards, bed sides, slatted bed base

Product weight / package weight1. 36 / 37 kg

2. 48 / 49 kg


Available accessories and equipmentKoli bedside table, motor bed frame
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