Kolo sofa table

50x110x65 cm

Kolo sofa table is a modern classic of the Finnish design at its best.

Impressive product adds modern Northern aestethics to the living room.

Accurately made finishes can be easily noticed for example on table’s deck  as well as on its legs.


Kolo series brings extraordinary style to your home.

Series is designed to be aesthetically timeless, and each crafted detail brings a feeling of modern Northern neatness.

Special looking handles in Kolo series add uniqueness to the wholeness of an extraordinary look.

The finest end result guarantees a finish which has plenty of small and accurate details.

Distribution in Finland
Export distribution
Product details
External dimensions (h x w x d) 50 x 110 x 65 cm
Free space below 44 cm
Material of tabletop solid birch
Frame material solid birch
Standard colours lacquered birch and painted white
Packaging cardboard packaging
Delivery in pieces
Number of packages 1 pcs
Product weight / package weight 14 / 15 kg
Available accessories and equipment
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