Levon jousi taittopatjasarja vaaleanharmaa
Levon jousi taittopatjasarja tummanharmaa
Noel vuodesohva musta tummanharmaa
Noel vuodesohva musta
Levon jousi taittopatjasarja tummanharmaa
Levon jousi taittopatjasarja tummanharmaa
Levon jousi taittopatjasarja vaaleanharmaa
Levon jousi mattress set

75/140+10 x 190 cm | 75/140+10 x 200 cm

The nobility of mattress sets – Levon jousi mattress set! It is a whole new mattress set to match with your sofa. The mattress set consist of three separate spring mattresses that can be transformed into a wider size. There is also a three big back pillows and two smaller armrest pillows.


When you desire quality and comfort in a same package, Levon jousi makes a final touch for your extendable sofa. The product has an extremely durable fabric and removable covers (handwash only). Color options are light grey and dark grey.


  • Mattress thickness is 2×8 cm
  • 30 kg/m³ foam
  • Martindale >95 000
  • Fabric is 100% polyester
  • Fabric does not pill easily
  • Fabric has a very good colour lightfastness
Distribution in Finland
Export distribution

Mattress size

75 / 140 + 10 x 190 cm
75 / 140 + 10 x 200 cm

Thickness of the cushion, seat

2×8 cm, spring mattress

Thickness of the cushion, back

20 cm

Properties of the fabric

100 % polyester, 290 g/m²,
Martindale 95 000

Color of the cushion

light grey and dark grey

Washing instructions

Handwash only. Removable covers.

Fire classification



suitable for all extendable sofa models




ready for use

Amount of packages / content

1 pcs / 3 pcs seat mattresses, 3 pcs back pillows, 2 pcs armrest pillows

Product weight / package weight

19 kg

Available accessories and equipment

Other versions

Levon mattress, Levon mattress set,
Levon kulma mattress set