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Franz vuodevaatelaatikko koivu
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Noel divaani-vuodesohva koivu
Franz bedclothes box

20x180x75 cm

Franz bedclothes box together with an extendable sofa makes a perfect match! All your bedclothes fit in to storage place and the wheels on the bottom makes it easy to use. The box can also be used for a guestbed for a children.


Franz bedclothes box suites for all our extendable sofa models (except Notte series). The bedclothes box is a little more longer and lower than our Kanerva bedclothes box. Therefore it suites perfectly well with Franz, Aarre and Noel extendable sofas.

Distribution in Finland
Export distribution
Franz vuodevaatelaatikko mitat
Product details
External dimensions (h x w x d) 20 x 180 x 75 cm
Free space below
Frame material solid birch
Bottom slatted bed base
Wheels 4 pcs
Standard colors lacquered birch, painted white and stained black
Packaging cardboard packaging
Delivery in pieces
Number of packages 2 pcs
Weight 18 kg
Compatibility suitable for all extendable sofa models (except Notte series)
Available accessories and equipment
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