Kuusamo bunk bed

80×200 cm

Solid Kuusamo bunk bed is a safe and durable choice.

The model fulfills all the safety and quality requirements set for bunk beds.

The solidwood birch frame and plywood bases guarantee a long-lasting and unconcerned use of the Kuusamo bunk bed.


Kuusamo series products represent traditional and timeless Finnish style.

Strong structure guarantees durability and care in everyday use.

Kuusamo series is designed to be used both for children and adults.

Distribution in Finland
Export distribution
Product details
Mattress size 80 x 200 cm
External dimensions (h x w x d) 162 x 206 x 92 cm
Height of the side board 40 / 145 cm
Depth of mattress space 10 cm
Seat height with mattress (16 cm) 46 cm
Free space below 24 cm
Frame material solid birch
Bottom delivered with plywood base

Standard colors

lacquered birch and painted white
Packaging cardboard packaging
Delivery in pieces
Number of packages / content 5 pcs / headboards and stairs, bed sides, plywood base, safety rails
Product weight / package weight 83 / 84 kg
Available accessories and equipment
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